Name:  Chandler Ryan Henning   Hometown:  Simsbury, CT   Fraternal Class:  Alpha   Major:  International Relations & Economics

Name: Chandler Ryan Henning

Hometown: Simsbury, CT

Fraternal Class: Alpha

Major: International Relations & Economics

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March 2018

Arsenal fan. Local Allston Christmas celebrity. Philanthropic at heart. Organizer supreme. Chandler. Ryan. Hennig. 

Chandler's latest accomplishment in his ever-growing resumé is masterminding our latest philanthropy event, along with Brothers Sanders and Koslowsky, and raising over $700 for the Heroes to Heroes Foundation. Much akin to both his parents - also graduates of Boston University - Chandler is currently finishing up his last semester studying International Relations and Economics before heading out into the economics consulting and research world. 

In his free time, Chandler loves to travel - his latest adventure took him to Israel for the first time alongside other Brothers (Check out our Instagram for more details about the trip!). He also enjoys reading, having just completed Exodus by Leon Uris. One his favorite books of all time is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. 

Want to learn more about Brother Hennig? Find and check out his interview about Allston Christmas with one of the local Boston television stations (or catch him somewhere around the globe)!