Name:  Ryan Scott Stolz   Hometown:  Glen Rock, NJ   Fraternal Class:  Zeta   Major:  Journalism 

Name: Ryan Scott Stolz

Hometown: Glen Rock, NJ

Fraternal Class: Zeta

Major: Journalism 

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December 2017

Semester after semester we, as brothers, try our hand at intramural sports. Semester after semester, we fail. That is, until now.

Facing insurmountable odds, a history of defeat and low morale, one man stepped up; Ryan Scott Stolz.

As we entered our first ever playoff game Stolz told his players that “win or lose, it does not matter. All that matters is how we play and I promise you that I will give it my all, in return, I simply ask that you do the same.” In the end, we were down seven points with four seconds on the clock and Stolz, injured from a previous play but as always leading by example, somehow managed to score one last touchdown. Ryan Scott Stolz is not only our December Brother of the Month, he was and is also the hero that we need.

When Stolz isn’t playing sports, he’s writing about them. Working as a sports journalist for the Boston Globe and moonlighting for the Boston University paper, it is clear that Stolz gives it his all both on the field and off.