Why Rush AEPi?

Everyone has different reasons and motivations for joining a fraternity. Some join because of the leadership, social and philanthropic opportunities, but there is no right or wrong reason. Below you can read about what motivated some of our brothers to rush AEPi.   


Atid Malka

I wasn't planning on being involved in Greek life at all prior to college. I got convinced to go to an event for the free food, and next thing I knew, I was a brother. AEPi has given me a family away from home - and a few brothers while I'm home as well. My experiences with this group of guys have been the highlight of my college career thus far. If I could go back to freshman year the only thing I would change would be to rush in the fall rather than the spring so that I would've gotten to know everyone sooner.


Michael Dratch

AEPi means great friends. I joined AEPi for a group of friends I could always count on. 


Gabe Mosse

I joined AEPi because I wanted to stay connected to my Jewish roots during my four years of college.


Dylan Gleeman

I rushed Alpha Epsilon Pi because it is an outlet for the ambitious. From day one I felt a bond, some sort of indescribable connection with the brothers, and that is the product of Jewish pride.



Shukrun (1).JPG

Nir Shukrun

I rushed Alpha Epsilon Pi because of the brotherhood. As soon as I walked into the first rush event, I immediately could tell the brothers had a genuine appreciation for each other.


Elie Dwek

When I first came to Boston I was looking for a good group of friends. But when I found AEPi, I not only found lifelong friends, I found a family. One that I wanted to be a part of and help grow.


adam dolinsky

I rushed AEPi for the free food. Now I pay for that food.


Interested in rushing? Contact one of our rush chairs and check out our rush schedule. See you there!